DIY Striped Glass Plates

DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates

Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday parties are around the corner. What better way to impress your guests than with updated plates for your tablescape on a budget. I created these striped glass plates for a little over one dollar for each plate. You could outfit your eight person dining set for less than ten dollars.

Another plus is that aside from being simple and budget-friendly, this DIY is completely customizable. You can create any shape or use any color you would like. And, if you follow the curing method that I featured below, you can use these plates over and over again.

Please see the steps below to paint and cure your own creation onto a glass plate.

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To make your own glass plate creation, you will need:

DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates
DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates

Step 1: On the backside of the plate, use the painter’s tape to tape off areas of the plate that will stay clear. Since I chose a striped pattern, I created a continuous line that ran from the top to the bottom of the plate. I wanted a thick stripe pattern, so I doubled up on the tape.

Ensure that the tape is securely adhered to the plate so that the painted line comes out very crisp and clean.

DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates

Continue taping the plate until you have your achieved pattern.

DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates

Step 2: Take your paint color of choice, and apply one event coat underneath the plate (on the backside). Set the plate aside to let the paint dry completely.

Tip: While you are waiting for the paint to dry you can start steps 1 and 2 on the other plates in your dining set. Batching is a great process for this DIY.

Step 3: Once the first coat of paint is dry, apply a second (even) layer of paint. Set the plate aside to let the paint dry completely.

DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the painter’s tape.

Tip: If any of the paint seeped under the tape, use your nail or a sharp edge to scrape of the excess paint.

DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates

Step 5: Cure the paint on to the glass plate:

  • Place the plate/s onto an oven proof pan.

  • Put the pan and plate/s into the oven.

  • Set the oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    1. It is important to place the plate in the oven when it is cool, so the plate is slowly heated up and it doesn’t crack.

  • Once the temperature reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit inside the oven, turn on the timer for 30 minutes. (This process may be too smelly for you, so please feel free to turn on the fan or open a window for some extra air flow.)

  • After the 30 minutes on the timer is expired, turn off the oven and let the plate cool in the oven. Then carefully remove the pan and plate/s from the oven.

  • Once the plate is cool and removed from the oven, set it aside for 72 hours.

  • After 3 days, get ready to handwash and show off your beautiful and sophisticated hand painted plates.

DIY Striped Painted Glass Plates
DIY Christmas Striped Glass Plates.png

I really hope you enjoy this fun DIY. The possibilities are endless!