Homemade, Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread

Fall temperatures have finally arrived in Texas. When the temperatures drop there is something so magical about a warm oven and sweet smells filling the kitchen with the anticipation of a treat to come. In response to the cooler temperatures I wanted to make a sweet treat with my children in the kitchen, and I thought banana nut bread would do the trick. 

I love baking banana nut bread (especially around the holidays), because it is a great snack for last minute guests or as a packaged gift for neighbors, friends and family. This particular recipe from Cookie and Kate is great because it includes non-processed ingredients. The whole wheat adds a heartiness, while the maple syrup adds the sweetness. 

This bread is so easy to make that my children (my one and three-year-old are always so eager to help) practically made it on their own as you can see below. However, patience is definitely required if you choose to be the sous chef to your children. 

I also love this version because you don't need any special equipment (power tools) to make it. Just a whisk, bowl, spoon, measuring cup and measuring spoon. 

I hope you enjoy this bread on a cool evening after dinner or as a hearty, sweet breakfast treat on a chilly morning. 

Homemade, Healthy Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread

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To make your own healthy, banana nut bread you will need: